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CALUNAH Sent Musical Instruments and Other Music Materials to UNAH

CALUNAH is proud of the completion of the
UNAH Fanfare Project that cost us about
$20,000.00 dollars to accomplish.

Thanks to the contribution of a special group
of contributors, more than 20 musical
instruments, 10 professional music stands,
and  60 music folders were shipped to the
Adventist University of Haiti in October 2012,
and in March 2013.

Alumni Association
of the Adventist University of
in the Diaspora
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Mon Voyage Ici-Bas

A "Must Read" book by Dr. Serge Vernet
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Message du Président de CALUNAH
Jean-Clause Blaise

  Mesdames et Messieurs,

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Chers Compatriotes et Ressortissants de Diquini,
Un salut patriotique à vous tous, où que vous soyez, en ce présent
moment, dans ce monde transcendé par la rapidité de la technologie
moderne! Nous savons péremptoirement que les flots mouvementés
de la vie trépidante nous forcément emportent même là où nous ne
voudrions pas être.
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OCtober 13, 2014
Dr. Serge Vernet:
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in Miami at New Talent Printing
685 Northeast 125th Street
Miami Florida, 33161
phone: (305) 892-8858

In New York, call us at (646)
250-6578, (631) 539-4791, or
send us an e-mail at

By buying this book you will help
support the Adventist University
of Haiti.
Jean-Claude Blaise


Dear Calunah members and friends,

You are cordially invited to a Benefit concert sponsored by the Association of Alumni and
Friends of the Adventist University of Haiti in the diaspora (CALUNAH) that will take place on
Saturday, October 25 at 6:00 P.M at Mahanaim SDA Church located at 277 Hempstead
Turnpike, Elmont, New York 11747. The proceeds will benefit the One-Meal-A-Day Program
which feeds one warm meal a day to students in need & the Work Study Program  - A
program that allows students to work on campus to pay for their tuition.

Come and enjoy good music, good food, good fellowship and more.

For more Information,  contact Jean Claude Blaise -n(917) 755-9928 Jean-Claude Castor -
(646) 250-6578, Ruben Gelin - (212) 203-7411, Marthe Jerry Leveille - (201) 452-6701
Annie Marcelin - (508) 925-5372

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